Culture Studies (CUST)

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CUST 2147  3 credits  
Issues in Contemporary Art I  

Students will study theoretical issues relevant to the production and reception of visual art and popular culture in the last 35 years, including debates around semiotics, modernism/postmodernism, feminism(s), postcolonialism, and the attendant politics of identities produced through structures of race, class, gender and sexual preferences/practices. Students will examine the emergence of new technologies and their use in art practices. Students will visit exhibition venues, including public museums and galleries, commercial galleries and artist run centres. Note: Students may earn credit for only one of FINA 2147 and CUST 2147 as they are identical courses. This is a seminar-based course.

Level: UG

Prerequisite(s): ARTH 1120, ARTH 1121, ENGL 1100 and FINA 1167.

Cross-listing: FINA 2147

Attributes: ASTR, ARTS

CUST 3147  3 credits  
Issues in Contemporary Art II  

Students will expand their knowledge of issues in the field of contemporary art. They will explore principles of critical and cultural studies that inform contemporary art praxis. Students will actively participate in this seminar-based course, which is structured around a series of required readings and facilitated discussions, supplemented by relevant slides, video and digital materials. Students will also go on local field trips to galleries, museums and artist run centres. Note: Students may earn credit for only one of FINA 3147 and CUST 3147 as they are identical courses.

Level: UG

Prerequisite(s): ARTH 2120, ARTH 2122, ARTH 2222, CUST 2147 or FINA 2147.

Cross-listing: FINA 3147

Attributes: ASTR, ARTS

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