Power Line Technician (PTEC)

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PTEC 1098  3 credits  
Physics and Math for Power Line Technicians  

Students will learn the physics underlying electric power distribution and power line rigging, and the math necessary to use that physics. They will learn to predict the current, voltage, and power usage in various electric circuits, up to and including circuits of resistors in series and parallel with more than one power supply and circuits of resistors, capacitors and inductors in series or in parallel. Students will also learn to predict the forces involved in ensuring the safe construction and maintenance of electrical power lines.

Level: CP

Prerequisite(s): Prerequisites: [ABEM 0082 or 0011 or PSPM 1082 or MATP 1011 or Math 1093 or Principles of Math 11 or Applications of Math 11] and [ABEP 0088 or 0011 or PSPP 1088 or PHYP 1012 or Physics 11]

Attribute: TRAD

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