Statistics (STAT)

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STAT 2342  3 credits  
Introduction to Statistics for Business  
Students will learn statistical techniques and their application to business and economics. They will study descriptive statistics, elementary probability, random variables, sampling distributions, linear regression, correlation, estimation and hypothesis testing. They will also learn how to apply statistical software to descriptive and inferential statistics. Distributions studied will include binominal, normal, t- and chi-square distributions. This course is equivalent with MATH 2341. Students may earn credit for only one of these courses. This course is credit excluded with MATH 2335. Students may enroll in and earn credit for only one of these courses.
Level: UG
Prerequisite(s): All of (a) Level C1 as defined in the Math Alternatives Table, and (b) 9 credits from courses at the 1100 level or higher
Credit Exclusion: MATH 2335
Attributes: ASTR, SCIH, QUAN

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