Cloud Architecture and Security

Are you ready to embark on a dynamic journey into the world of cloud computing and security? At Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU), our Citation in Cloud Architecture and Security program is crafted to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for this industry. 

Why Choose Our Program? 

Industry-Relevant Training: 

Our program is a direct response to the growing demand for skilled IT professionals in cloud computing and security. We've meticulously designed our curriculum to align with industry needs, ensuring you receive practical training in designing, implementing, and managing secure cloud environments. 

Comprehensive Skill Development: 

Focusing on essential skills such as designing resilient cloud environments, deploying secure solutions, and ensuring regulatory compliance, our program provides a solid foundation for a rewarding career. Whether you're a seasoned IT professional or a recent graduate, our flexible program structure allows you to tailor your learning experience based on your background. 

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: 

Our program actively incorporates equity, diversity, and inclusion through an inclusive curriculum design, gender diversity initiatives, collaboration with Indigenous communities, and enhanced accessibility options. We integrate diverse case studies from various industries, highlighting the real-world impact of cloud security and encouraging you to adapt strategies to meet the unique needs of different sectors. 

What You'll Gain

Industry-Ready Expertise: Be equipped with the knowledge and practical skills required to contribute effectively to cloud technology and security roles. 

Mastery of Cloud Technology: Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of cloud technology, showcasing proficiency in designing, implementing, and managing secure cloud computing environments. 

Effective Problem Solving: Develop strong problem-solving skills, enabling you to identify and address complex issues related to cloud technology and security. 

Continuous Learning and Adaptation: Cultivate a mindset of constant learning and adaptability, staying current with emerging technologies and industry trends in the fast-paced field of cloud technology. 

Collaborative Leadership: Gain the capability to effectively collaborate with diverse teams and lead projects in cloud technology and security, contributing to a dynamic and inclusive work environment. 

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CCAS 1110  3 credits  
Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design  
Students will learn the foundational concepts, architecture and design of cloud computing including on-demand usage, ubiquitous access, multitenancy, elasticity, and measured service. Students will be introduced to the three major cloud delivery models the infrastructure as a service (IaaS), the platform as a service (PaaS) and the Software as a Service (SaaS). Students will also learn the key building blocks for a cloud environment including virtualization, storage, networks, and the underlying infrastructures.
Level: UG
Attributes: BUSI, F2A9
CCAS 1120  3 credits  
Cloud Operations, Legal, Risk and Compliance  
Students will learn the essential elements of operations management for cloud computing including monitoring, performance, maintenance and risks. Students will learn the challenges with security and privacy issues due to the nature of cloud computing that resources are shared based on demand and where data centers are located around the world. Students will be introduced to international laws, standards, and regulations for cloud computing when designing cloud solutions.
Level: UG
Attributes: BUSI, F2A9
CCAS 1210  3 credits  
Cloud Data Security  
Students will learn the principles and best practices for securing cloud data. Students will learn the cloud data life cycle that describes how data is created, handled and disposed within a cloud system or application. Students will learn how data can be secured on various types of cloud systems, services, virtual machines, networks, and storage technologies.
Level: UG
Prerequisite(s): CCAS 1110
Attributes: BUSI, F2A9
CCAS 1220  3 credits  
Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security  
Students will learn the principles of designing a secure cloud platform and infrastructure including their capabilities, risks, and limitations. Students will learn the foundations of managed services, secure communications through the use of encryption, and the protection of platform and infrastructure using security techniques and tools including network security groups, traffic inspection, firewalls, and vulnerability scanning.
Level: UG
Prerequisite(s): CCAS 1110
Attributes: BUSI, F2A9
CCAS 1230  3 credits  
Cloud Application Security  
Students will learn best practices for developing secure cloud software and applications. Students will be introduced to the software development life cycle for applications in a cloud environment. Students will learn threat and modelling frameworks, static and dynamic application security testing approaches and their applicability to cloud environments. Students will also learn identity and access management and how they are built into applications during development.
Level: UG
Prerequisite(s): CCAS 1110
Attributes: BUSI, F2A9

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