Framework for Minors

The following framework for minors was approved by Senate in April of 2016.  Minor programs subsequently approved by Senate will follow this framework. Previously existing minor programs may have different conditions and requirements; see each program description for specifics (see list here).

  • Minors require 24-30 credits with a minimum of 12 credits from courses at the 3000 level or higher.
  • Minors can be attached to any bachelor’s degree.
  • All minors become part of a major or double-minor program.
  • Students are not permitted to complete a minor in the same field of study as their major; a minor must be in a discipline other than the student’s major program of study.
  • Students may re-use courses in fulfilling requirements for their minor(s).
  • Students may obtain a major in one Faculty and a minor in another; the Faculty in which the student is obtaining the major will grant the credential.
  • Up to 75% of the credits required may be obtained through a combination of transfer credit and prior learning assessment (PLA) in accordance with Policy AR16: Requirements for Graduation.
  • In order to graduate with a minor, students must successfully complete the required courses for the minor with a minimum CGPA and PGPA of 2.00, in accordance with Policy AR16: Requirements for Graduation.
  • All minors must be declared on or before the submission of a graduation request.
  • There is no limit to the number of minors a student can obtain; however, students cannot earn additional minors as part of a credential that has already been awarded.
  • Successful completion of a minor will be recorded on a student’s KPU official transcript.

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