Faculty of Trades & Technology

Requirements and Areas of Study

Trades Programs

Foundations programs are designed to provide entry-level skills and knowledge to those wishing to begin their career in a specific trade. Students successfully completing a foundations program are eligible for industry sponsorship into Level 2 of their respective Apprenticeship option. Program schedules are available on the web at kpu.ca/trades/program_schedules.

Technology Programs

Technology programs are designed for students seeking to combine academic preparation with applied skills in a particular area. We offer technology programs in Farrier Science, and Mechatronics and Advanced Manufacturing Technology. Program schedules are available on the web at kpu.ca/trades/program_schedules.

Apprenticeship Training

Apprenticeship is a government and industry endorsed approach to education that encourages individuals to work in a relevant field while they learn and refine their skills. The individual combines on-the-job, hands-on training with class learning. The on-the-job component, where the apprentice is learning by doing while they earn a pay cheque represents approximately 80% of the total time commitment. The in-class components generally occur at intervals over a four-year period and make up the complementary part of the program. At each level an apprentice must pass industry exams, which have both practical and theoretical components, in order to advance. When the apprentice has passed all levels and completed the on-the-job requirements, he/she is awarded the "journey-person" qualification.

KPU offers in-school apprentice technical training in various skilled trades; details are available in the Apprenticeship Program section of the University Calendar.

Program schedules are available on the web at kpu.ca/trades/program_schedules.

Industry Service Programs

The Faculty of Trades & Technology also offers a selection of industry service courses and professional programs. We are also able to respond to training requests to meet the needs of industry and/or their employees. For more information about these offerings, please see the Faculty web site (kpu.ca/trades).

Dean: Laura McDonald

Phone: 604.598.6112 | Email: laura.mcdonald@kpu.ca

Faculty's website: kpu.ca/trades

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