Other Fees

The following fees are effective from September 1, 2023. Fees are subject to change without notice. 

Application Fees

Fee Description Amount Conditions
Application Fee Domestic $40.00 Non-refundable
International $120.00 Non-refundable
Self-declared Aboriginal applicants No charge

Confirmation and Tuition Deposits

Fee Description Amount Conditions
Confirmation Deposit 1 Domestic - Open-intake Programs $250.00 Non-refundable
Domestic - Limited-intake Programs $500.00 Non-refundable
International - New Students, All Programs $5000.00 Non-refundable
Tuition Deposit 1 International - Continuing Students $2200.00 Non-refundable. Applicable to tuition and fees for upcoming term.

For further information, see Paying Your Fees

Payment Fees

Fee Description Amount Conditions
Outstanding Fees Penalty 5% of account balance (min. $10.00) assessed monthly Varies Assessed for a fee payment which is made after the payment deadline.
Returned Cheque Fee $40.00 Non-refundable
Duplicate T2202 Tax Form Fee No charge if accessed online T2202 Tax Forms can be viewed and a duplicate copy printed from Online Self-Service.

Program Fees

Fee Description Amount Conditions
Graduation Credential Original No charge
Replacement $25.00 Non-refundable
Convocation Ceremony No charge
Academic Transcript Official copies $10.00 Non-refundable
$28.00 rush (GST included) Rush pickup within 24 hours, Monday to Friday only. Available at the Surrey, Richmond, Langley and KPU Tech campuses.
Academic Transcript for Legal Purposes Standard request includes an official transcript $28.00 (GST included) KPU reserves the right to charge additional fees for copies of student records beyond a standard request.
Student Record request Unofficial file copy of a student's record (or portion) $0.50 / page Non-refundable. Allow five business days for processing. Note transcripts from other institutions are not included.

Miscellaneous Fees

Fee Description Amount Conditions
Appeals Fee As per KPU Policies $15.00 Non-refundable
Confirmation of Enrolment Standard issue No charge Available online. Does not include completion of external forms.
Special Purpose $20.00 Requested at Student Enrolment Services.
Student ID/Library Card Replacement $5.00 Non-refundable
Book Deposit/ Equipment Fee/ Material Fee Variable Charged at the time of registration
Upgrading, Training and Professional Determined by faculty Variable See individual programs for information

Note: For all testing and assessment fees, please see Assessment & Testing Services - Testing Fees

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