In order for a student to register, they must be admitted to Kwantlen Polytechnic University or be a continuing student. A continuing student is defined as someone that has been registered in at least one of the preceding three semesters. A student that is not enrolled for three consecutive semesters must re-apply for admission. A student must meet the published prerequisite and corequisite requirements for each course in which they wish to register. Any prerequisites are found in the course listing in the University Calendar.

How to Register

Students can add, drop or change courses via online Registration. Students are responsible for their registration and must review their registration activity for accuracy and completeness. Please note, some students may not be able to access online registration due to their program of study. Detailed instructions about how to register, dates and deadlines for registration, the academic timetable and more are available in the Registration Guide.

Registration Dates and Times

Students are given a date and time when they are eligible to register; this date will fall in the formal registration period for the semester. On or after the assigned registration date and time, students may register online. Detailed instructions can be found in the Registration Dates and Times section of the Registration Guide. The assignment of registration dates and times to students is governed by Policy AR10, Priority and Scheduling of Registration.

Registration Deadlines

Students must register according to the dates published in the Dates and Deadlines portion of the Registration Guide. Registration continues during the Add/Drop Period at the start of each term until the Add/Drop Deadline. Switching sections and/or courses is not permitted after the Add/Drop Deadline without obtaining the necessary approval by submitting a completed and signed Permission to Register form. This form must be submitted to Student Enrolment Services. Attending a course does not constitute registration and is not a basis for approval of late registration. Students must be registered in a course to receive a grade.

Course Selection

Students should consult the University Calendar, along with KPU's graduation auditing system - My Action Plan (MAP)in order to plan their courses and ensure they are on track to graduate. Students should select courses based on their program requirements, academic goals, and interest in the subject matter. Students must ensure they meet all requisites for the courses in which they register. Based on the published timetable, students should choose course sections that do not conflict. For further academic information or assistance, current students should contact Academic Advising.

Course Delivery Modes

Particular courses and sections will be delivered using distinct delivery modes as defined below. Students can identify the delivery mode to be used for each section of a course by checking the Instructional Method field of the online Registration system.

In-person:  In person, on- or off-campus (e.g. practicums, work terms, clinical placements).

Blended Asynchronous: In-person and online where the online portion is asynchronous.

Blended Synchronous: In-person and online where the online portion is synchronous.

Online Asynchronous (Synchronous Exams):  Asynchronous online classes with synchronous (scheduled) exams.

Online Asynchronous (In-person Exams): Asynchronous online classes with in-person exams.

Online Synchronous (In-person Exams): Synchronous online classes with in-person exams.

Online Asynchronous: No scheduled meeting times.

Online Synchronous: Scheduled meeting times.

KPU's Learning Centres have resources and learning strategies to help students succeed in each course delivery mode. 

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Students must meet the published prerequisite and corequisite requirements for each course in order to register. A prerequisite course that is in progress within the current term will be recognized for registration in the following term. However, in the event a requisite grade is not achieved for the course in progress, the student will be de-registered from the course that requires the prerequisite. De-registration will also occur if a registration error is discovered, such that a student is registered in a course without having the prerequisites. In this case, the student will be automatically de-registered from the course in order to correct the error.

Unless otherwise stated, the minimum letter grade necessary to meet a requisite is a 'C'.


Most undergraduate courses offer the ability for students to place themselves on a course waitlist when a section is full. Students may place themselves on waitlists for more than one course but they may not be listed on multiple waitlists for the same course. Likewise a student may not be registered in a course and be on the waitlist of a different section of the same course.

Since seat offers for waitlisted courses are made through email notification to the KPU email account, students are responsible for checking their KPU email frequently. The time duration for taking up a seat offer is short and the offer must be acted upon quickly. More information and FAQs can be found in the Waitlisting section of the Registration Guide.

Course Load

A full course load is normally five, 3-credit courses or a total of 15 credits per term, although some programs require a higher number. Except for those students enrolled in a program that specifically requires a higher number of credits, students are restricted from registering in courses totaling more than 17.5 credits per term.

A request to exceed this limit and enrol with a course credit overload may be made using the form Request To Register With A Course Credit Overload. Students requesting a course credit overload must have completed at least one term with a minimum of five courses, totaling at least 15 credits, with a minimum Term GPA of 3.00. In addition, they must have a minimum Institutional CGPA of 3.00. A course credit overload will not normally be considered for a student in their first term at KPU.

Part-time Status, Full-time Status

A student who is enrolled in 9 or more credit hours is considered to be a full-time student. A student who is enrolled in fewer than 9 credit hours is considered to be a part-time student. Note: the minimum full-time course load for students in receipt of government student loan may be higher than 9 credit hours in some cases. Please contact Student Awards and Financial Assistance (SAFA) for more information.

This online version of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Calendar is the official version of the University Calendar. Although every effort is made to ensure accuracy at the time of publication, KPU reserves the right to make any corrections in the contents and provisions of this calendar without notice. In addition, the University reserves the right to cancel, add, or revise contents or change fees at any time without notice. To report errors or omissions, or send comments or suggestions, please email

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