Apprenticeship in Building Envelope Technician

Intakes for this program have been postponed indefinitely.


A Building Envelope Technician's job is to enclose a house from the foundation up, keeping weather out and warmth in while creating openings for windows, doors and utilities. The Building Envelope Technician program provides the skills, training and knowledge you need to become a provincially-recognized, certified tradesperson. The program gives you the skill, training and knowledge to safely install, seal, repair, replace and remove external walls in residential homes, including wall and foundation interfaces, wall and ceiling interfaces, window and door openings, plumbing heat and electrical systems.

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General Prerequisites


The following requirements apply:

  • Completed¬†KPU Apprentice Registration.
  • Active apprentice registration in the BC Apprenticeship system.
  • Valid Trade Worker Identification number from SkilledTradesBC. If you do not have a SkilledTradesBC ID, you will need to complete an apprenticeship registration form through SkilledTradesBC ( prior to¬†enrolling (Level 1 through to 4). To determine your eligibility please consult with SkilledTradesBC.


  • Successful completion of English 11 (or equivalent)
  • Successful completion of Mathematics 11 (or equivalent)
  • Interview
  • Submission of sponsorship application

Note: International student Application for Admission requires approval of the Dean.

Curricular Requirements

Note: KPU Tech does not permit students to register in Apprenticeship Levels out of sequence.

ARCT 1010

Credential Awarded

KPU will report your in-school technical training completion information to SkilledTradesBC in order for SkilledTradesBC to determine credit towards your designated apprenticeship.

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