Apprenticeship in Production Horticulturist

Intakes for this program have been postponed indefinitely.


Horticulture Apprenticeship links learning and employment by providing apprentices the opportunity to further their education, while maintaining full-time employment in the horticulture industry. An apprenticeship is established when an employer and employee complete, sign and register an apprentice, and sponsor registration form with SkilledTradesBC. Apprentices may also apply to SkilledTradesBC for work-based training completed before the apprenticeship was established. Refer to for information.

The Production Horticulture apprentice must complete three technical training levels. Typically one level is completed each year, but depending on apprentice/student interest and the technical training schedule the opportunity exists to complete levels one and two in a single year.

The first two levels of the program include fundamental horticulture knowledge and skills. For level one and level two, apprentices attend six-weeks of technical training sessions for theoretical and practical instruction at the Langley Campus of KPU. The instruction in level three focuses on Production Horticulture. During level three, apprentices attend an eight-week technical training session for theoretical and practical instruction at the Langley Campus of KPU.

The curriculum used for technical training has been developed and approved by the horticulture industry. It provides relevant, up-to-date information, and is based on recent technological advances in the horticulture field.

Journeypersons in production horticulture are in demand. Municipal parks departments and nurseries often list a journeyperson certification as a minimum requirement when hiring horticulturists.

Training Schedules

KPU apprentice training schedules and waitlists are published on Kwantlen Course Search. Additional apprenticeship training opportunities are listed on Trades Training BC; this is the hub for BC's Public Trades Training Programs & Services.


In addition to applicable tuition fees, students require the following:

  • textbooks (purchased at the beginning of Level 1 and 3)
  • school supplies
  • safety footwear (in conformance with WorkSafeBC regulations)
  • rain gear
  • field trips
  • travel
  • accommodation and food

Financial Supports for Apprentices

Apprentices may be eligible for financial support for the in-class portion of their training through the EPBC Apprentice Program Financial Supports. Application to this program must be made four to six weeks prior to the start of technical training. Information is available through WorkBC.

Apprentices must apply separately for Employment Insurance (EI) Benefits no later than the last week of work, or during the first week of training, or they will not be eligible to receive EPBC Apprentice Program Financial Supports. EI information can be obtained by visiting Service Canada.

Transfer from Horticulture Foundation Programs

Graduates of Horticulture Foundation programs receive credit for Levels 1 and 2 of the technical training.

Student Profile

Students interested in the apprenticeship should have a strong desire for hands-on outdoor work, enjoy nature and living things, be concerned about the environment, and have entrepreneurial talents. Individuals with allergies to dust, pollen or plant products, or specific chemicals should be aware of the potential impact on their health. Physical fitness and a healthy back are generally required for a successful career in horticulture. Apprentices may work with plant protection products.

Apprentices in the practical Horticulture Apprenticeship program typically come from a number of horticulture enterprises. For example, they may be working for greenhouse owners, nurseries, municipal parks, or school boards.

Faculty's website:

Department's website:

General Prerequisites

The following requirements apply:

  • Completed KPU Apprentice Registration.
  • Active apprentice registration in the BC Apprenticeship system.
  • Valid Trade Worker Identification number from SkilledTradesBC. If you do not have a SkilledTradesBC ID, you will need to complete an apprenticeship registration form through SkilledTradesBC ( prior to enrolling (Level 1 through to 3). To determine your eligibility please consult with SkilledTradesBC.

Note: International student enrollment requires approval of the Dean.

Curricular Requirements

This program is designed to produce journeypersons with good theoretical and practical training, and experience in the horticulture industry.

Note: KPU does not permit students to register in Apprenticeship Levels out of sequence.

AHCC 1010Horticulture Apprentice Level 10
AHCC 1020Horticulture Apprentice Level 20
AHPR 1030Production Horticulture Apprentice Level 30

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of an apprentice level, KPU will report your technical training completion information to SkilledTradesBC in order for SkilledTradesBC to determine credit towards your designated apprenticeship.

AHPR 1030  0 credits  
Production Horticulture Apprentice Level 3  

Apprentices begin to specialize in nursery production. They will practice plant propagation techniques and study container nursery production. Apprentices will continue to develop their knowledge of plants and plant adaptations. They will study of the management of soils and media in the nursery. Apprentices will study pest management in nurseries and review the application of phytosanitary processes and systems. Apprentices will be introduced to environmental control systems used in nursery production. Apprentices continue their specialization with the study of field nursery production. Apprentices will continue to develop their knowledge of plants and plant adaptations. They will study the application of integrated pest management programming to the nursery and review the implementation phytosanitary certification. Apprentices will be introduced to irrigation and drainage requirements for nurseries and the installation and maintenance of those systems. They will review the business operations of production nurseries.

Level: VO

Prerequisite(s): 1. Valid Trade Worker ID Number (ITA ID #) 2. Active apprentice registration in the BC Apprenticeship system 3. Level 1 and Level 2 Technical Training 4. Additional requirements mandated by the Industry Training Authority may be required, contact Apprenticeship Services for information

Attribute: SCIH

AHPR 1032  0 credits  
Pest Management  

Level: VO

Attribute: SCIH

AHPR 1034  0 credits  
Plant Propagation  

Level: VO

Attribute: SCIH

AHPR 1035  0 credits  
Nursery Production  

Level: VO

Attribute: SCIH

AHPR 1036  0 credits  
Systems & Controls - N1  

Level: VO

Attribute: SCIH

AHPR 1037  0 credits  
Nursery Management  

Level: VO

Attribute: SCIH

AHPR 1038  0 credits  
Level 3 Production Final Exam  

Level: VO

Attribute: SCIH

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