Apprenticeship Grades and Records

Starting in Fall 2014, apprenticeship grades are recorded on the University transcript using percentages.  Grade point values are assigned to distinct ranges of percentage grades as follows:

Apprenticeship Grading System

Percentage Grade Grade Points
90-100 4.33
85-89 4.00
80-84 3.67
76-79 3.33
72-75 3.00
68-71 2.67
64-67 2.33
60-63 2.00
56-59 1.67
50-55 1.00
0-49 0.00
W n/a (Withdrawn)

The Apprenticeship Grading System can only be used for reporting outcomes of apprenticeship levels. For reference purposes, a letter grade can be calculated by converting the percentage grade to a letter grade using the Grading System defined in Policy AC4, Student Evaluation and Grading Policy.

Industry Training Authority Reporting

Apprenticeship level outcomes are reported to the Industry Training Authority (ITA).  Depending on the trade and level, outcomes reported on the KPU transcript may include Standard Level Exam results.

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