Diploma in Applied Business Technology

Intakes for this program have been postponed indefinitely.


The program requirements, courses, course credits, and graduation requirements for this program are currently being revised.

Students may exit at diploma, certificate or citation level. The two-year diploma program (which is currently under review) prepares students for advancement in office careers and/or for transfer into the third year of the KPU Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership. The first year of this program is the Applied Business Technology certificate.

The first year of study provides students with excellent workplace skills of an intensive, practical nature. The curriculum provides a background in Business Communications, Bookkeeping Basics, Computer Competency, Office Dynamics, and Word Processing, as well as courses specific to the specialty option selected by each student. These options are Administrative Assistant and Legal Administrative Assistant. Students may exit the program at the certificate level with skills appropriate to the office workplace.

The ten additional courses required for the diploma will provide students with enhanced knowledge, skills, and attitudes for the various office workplaces they have chosen. They will be better prepared for advancement and for supervisory positions with enhanced communication skills and knowledge of management, organizational behaviour, marketing, microeconomics, human resource management, project management and administrative management. Students also have the opportunity to select from a group of optional courses. Not all courses are offered each semester or each campus.

Who Studies Applied Business Technology?

Students who are recent high school graduates or are mature students with or without higher education. Students have a large variety of previous work experiences. Some students are seeking entry to the workforce, some are upgrading office skills, some wish for a change in career path, and others have completed higher education and are seeking a hands-on, learning environment with a practical focus.

Career Opportunities

Graduates find employment in a wide variety of businesses, legal offices and departments. They may be considered for entry-level supervisory and office management positions in both the public and private sector.

Faculty's website: kpu.ca/business

Department's website: kpu.ca/business/legal-admin

Admission Requirements

In addition to the Faculty's Admission Requirements, which consist of KPU's undergraduate English Proficiency Requirement, the following program admission requirements apply:

  • Successful completion of the ABTY Certificate or equivalent

Curricular Requirements

Core Requirements
ABTY 21103
ABTY 21203
CMNS 1140Introduction to Professional Communication3
BUSI 1250Human Resources Management I3
ECON 1150Principles of Microeconomics 13
MRKT 1199Introduction to Marketing 13
BUSI 1210Essentials of Management 13
BUSI 1215Organizational Behaviour 13
Select 3 of the following:9
Accelerated Introductory Financial Accounting 1
Union Management Relations (prerequisites are BUSI 1210 or BUSI 1215)
Business Law
Introduction to Formal Logic
Introduction to Psychology: Basic Processes
Introduction to University Writing
Total Credits33

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive a Diploma in Applied Business Technology.

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