Minor in Criminology


The Minor in Criminology provides students with key concepts and issues in social science, criminal justice, and law. Students learn approaches to help understand crime, related social problems, and social responses to crime. The social impact of crime is given a dedicated focus within this field of study. Students will apply these skills and concepts to emerging issues in criminology theory and criminal justice policy.

A minor is subordinate to the major in that the academic minor is a university student's declared secondary field of study during their undergraduate studies. Some students prepare for their intended career with their major while pursuing personal interests with a minor. Other students may pursue a minor to prepare for further academic studies or to provide specific specialization and thus make themselves more attractive to employers. This minor may be applied towards any KPU bachelor's degree.

Faculty's website: kpu.ca/arts

Department's website: kpu.ca/arts/criminology

Admission Requirements

Students pursuing a minor in Criminology must be admitted to KPU for undergraduate studies.

Declaration Requirements

Students pursuing this minor must declare their intention prior to graduation. A minor may only be declared as part of a bachelor’s degree.

Curricular Requirements

Students must achieve a minimum grade of C in all required courses:

1000 Level
CRIM 1100Introduction to Criminology3
CRIM 1101Introduction to the Criminal Justice System3
CRIM 1107Canadian Legal Systems3
PSYC 1100Introduction to Psychology: Basic Processes3
SOCI 1125Introduction to Society: Processes and Structures3
2000 Level
CRIM 2330Psychological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour3
CRIM 2331Sociological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour3
CRIM 2341Canadian Criminal Justice Administration3
3000 and 4000 Level
Select 15 credits at the 3000 or 4000 level, including at least one course from each of the three following core areas: 15
Theory and Methods
Advanced Theories of Crime and Community
Qualitative Research Methods
Contemporary Sociological Criminology
Critical Criminology
Contemporary Psychological Criminology
Criminal Justice
White-Collar & Corporate Crime
Community Corrections
Issues in Youth Justice
Community Safety and Crime Prevention
Marginalized Groups and the Criminal Justice System
Policy and Program Evaluation
Law, Advocacy, and Conflict Resolution
Procedure and Evidence
Law and Society
Issues in Conflict Resolution
Philosophy of Law
Administrative and Regulatory Law
Community Advocacy and Human Rights
Total Credits39

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of the minor as part of a bachelor’s degree program, transcripts will indicate a Minor in Criminology.

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