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KPU’s Bachelor of Journalism program is the only four-year journalism program in Metro Vancouver. Students use industry-standard software to produce journalism that draws on the full range of multimedia storytelling possibilities, including photography, audio, video, and data visualization. Students participate in academic study and practical training through seminars, labs, and real-world experience. The Journalism program prepares graduates for positions such as multimedia journalists, editors, web writers, and freelance journalists. Our grads also work as communications professionals in fields such as media relations, corporate communications, and public relations. The Bachelor of Journalism gives students valuable research and communication skills that can be used in many fields.

Communication Studies courses are also an important part of the program, including exploration of issues such as media law and ethics, media and diversity, and media and social change.

Faculty members in KPU's Journalism department include award-winning journalists with career experience and academic credentials. Many faculty members continue to work as journalists.

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Admission Requirements

The Faculty's Admission Requirements, which consist of KPU's undergraduate English Proficiency Requirement, apply to this program.

Declaration Requirements

Students intending to graduate with this Faculty of Arts Bachelor’s degree must declare the credential by the time they complete 60 credits of undergraduate coursework. At the time of declaration, the student must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • In good academic standing with the University
  • Completion of a minimum of 18 credits of undergraduate coursework, including the following with a minimum grade of “C”:
    • 3 credits of ENGL at the 1100 level or higher
    • 6 credits at the 1100 level or higher in the Major area

Curricular Requirements

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree must complete all requirements in the Bachelor of Arts Framework in addition to their major or minor program requirements.

Journalism Major

1000 and 2000 Level
INDG 1100Introduction to Indigenous Studies3
JRNL 1160Introduction to Journalism3
JRNL 1220Citizen Journalism3
JRNL 2120Storytelling: Writing for Journalism3
JRNL 2230Multimedia Storytelling3
JRNL 2240Beyond the News: Feature Writing3
JRNL 2360Photojournalism3
JRNL 2370Podcasting and Audio Storytelling3
Select 6 credits from courses in Communication (COMM) numbered 1100 through 29996
3000 and 4000 Level
JRNL 3165Data Visualization3
JRNL 4270Advanced Storytelling3
Select 18 credits from courses in Journalism (JRNL) numbered 3000 through 499918
Select 6 credits from courses in Communications (COMM) numbered 3000 through 49996
Total Credits60

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of the major program, students are eligible to receive a Bachelor of Journalism.

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