Graduate Diploma in Business Administration - Green Business Management and Sustainability


This program is ideally suited for those professionals interested in venturing into the evolving business movement of managing companies and organizations that are green or greening themselves.

The Green Business Management and Sustainability program has many elements of a traditional business management program, at the same time it provides professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools to direct companies and organizations towards environmental and economic sustainability.

The Green Business Management and Sustainability program consists of six general management courses (21 credits) that will allow students to develop business-related critical thinking, analytical skills, communication skills, teamwork and interpersonal skills. They will also develop skills in the management of innovation and digital transformation. Following this, students complete 15 credits of Green business specialty courses.  Note: This is a two-year program, though students can choose to complete the program in an accelerated form.

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Admission Requirements

In addition to the Faculty's Admission Requirements, which consist of KPU's undergraduate English Proficiency Requirement, the following program admission requirements apply:

  • Successful completion of a recognized undergraduate1 or graduate degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.67
  • A statement of intent in the program, including relevant studies and work experience. This statement should be 800 – 1000 words and cover the following:
    • Intellectual and creative interests
    • Personal goals related to the program
    • How one's background contributes to the program
    • Self-assessment of emotional intelligence with applied examples
    • Highlight interests in community involvement
  • Two professional references stating suitability for the program

Applicants with an equivalent combination of education and relevant professional experience may be considered for the program.

All applicants are assessed by an admissions committee for maturity, fit to the academic program, educational background, and work experience, using the statement of intent and references. Applicants may also be interviewed by a member of the Admissions Committee as part of the application screening process. Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission into the program. For further details about the statement of intent, including submission specifics, visit the department's website at:

Curricular Requirements

BUSM 6100Accounting and Financial Management for Managers4
BUSM 6110Project Management3
BUSM 6130Change Management and Digital Transformation for Business3
BUSM 6150Managing Innovation3
BUSM 6160Strategic Planning3
BUSM 6180Graduate Capstone Experience Practicum5
GRMT 6100Sustainability and Business Administration3
GRMT 6110Green Marketing Management3
GRMT 6120Ecological Economics for Organizations3
GRMT 6130Principles of Green and Clean Technologies for Business and Society’s Sustainability3
GRMT 6140Sustainable Operations3
Total Credits36

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration - Green Business Management and Sustainability.

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