Health (HEAL)

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HEAL 1100  3 credits  
Mental Wellness and Communication  
Students will explore relevant concepts to promote mental health and wellness from personal, interpersonal, organizational and cultural perspectives. They will discuss adaptive coping related to stress, emotions and life circumstances for enhanced mental health, motivation and learning. Students will also learn and apply basic therapeutic communication skills essential for healthy personal and professional relationships.
Level: UG
Attributes: ASTR, F2A5, HLTH
HEAL 1150  3 credits  
Personal Care Skills: Lab 1  
This is an introductory course for pre-nursing and healthcare assistant students. They will acquire skills for providing personal care to clients aimed at maintaining and promoting the comfort, safety, and independence.
Level: UG
Attributes: F2A5, HLTH
HEAL 1180  3 credits  
Introduction to Health Research  
Students will understand, use and critique health care research. They will learn how to conduct literature reviews, explore various research designs and methods for both qualitative and quantitative research, and critically appraise several research studies. Students will also examine ways to apply research findings to promote evidence informed practice in the health professions. Students will work in class and/or online.
Level: UG
Prerequisite(s): Level D1 as defined in the Math Alternatives Table, and ENGL 1100.
Attributes: ASTR, F2A5, HLTH, QUAN
HEAL 2110  3 credits  
First Nations Health  
Students are introduced to the study of health and well-being of First Nations, Metis and Inuit (FNMI) in Canada. They will learn the history of the First Nations Health Authority and the FNMI need for multifaceted approach to strengthen healthcare outcomes by addressing strategies that consider the social determinants of health. Students will also explore the contemporary and historical concepts of health and challenges to health with special consideration of the ancient cultural principles that strengthen wellness. This course may be offered in class and/or online.
Level: UG
Attributes: ASTR, F2A5, HLTH
HEAL 2150  3 credits  
Health Lab Practice 2  
Students will build upon previous lab skills performance. They will practice skills in the lab and simulated setting to prepare them to care for clients in a variety of settings. Students will also learn to manage client scenarios and perform select psychomotor skills with increased complexity using assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of client care.
Level: UG
Co-requisite(s): Either (a) NRSG 2145, or (b) PSYN 2110, PSYN 2125, PSYN 2145, and PSYN 2160.
Attributes: F2A5, HLTH
HEAL 2250  3 credits  
Health Lab Practice 3  
Students will build upon previous lab skills to continue to prepare them to care for clients in a variety of settings. They will practice skills in the lab and simulated setting, with a focus on high fidelity simulation, to prepare them to care for multiple clients who experience complex health situations. Students will also learn to manage scenarios with increased complexity.
Level: UG
Prerequisite(s): HEAL 2150
Co-requisite(s): Either (a) NRSG 3121, NRSG 3145, NRSG 3165 and NRSG 3175, or (b) PSYN 2230 and PSYN 2245.
Attributes: F2A5, HLTH
HEAL 3101  3 credits  
Conceptual Paradigms: A Feminist Perspective  
Students will apply women-centred leadership theories while analyzing how patriarchal and capitalistic values affect health care policy. They will examine the significance of feminist philosophies and their influence on health care. Students will also analyze classroom dynamics and interplay of power and authority structures. This course may be offered in class and/or online.
Level: UG
Co-requisite(s): All of PSYN 3130, 3145, 3146 and PSYC 3920
Attributes: ASTR, F2A5, HLTH
HEAL 3120  6 credits  
Evidence Based Practice  
This course addresses decision making processes using evidence based data. This course examines nursing theories and their application with theoretical frameworks. Students will demonstrate acquired competencies to generate the skills and competencies at an intermediate level by successfully completing comprehensive assignments based on the following four areas: theory, integration, reflection, application. This is an online course.
Level: UG
Attributes: F2A5, HLTH
HEAL 3180  3 credits  
Nursing Science 4: Health Research for Evidence Informed Practice  
Students will perform various quantitative and qualitative methods of data analysis so that they can critically examine and incorporate health care research into their practice. Content will include understanding and performing select descriptive and inferential statistics in quantitative research along with text analysis methods in ethnographic, phenomenological, interpretive inquiry and grounded theory qualitative research. Data analysis will be performed using computer assisted methods where possible.
Level: UG
Prerequisite(s): Either a) All of NRSG 3121, 3145, 3165 and 3175 OR b) All of PSYN 3130 and 3145
Attributes: F2A5, HLTH, QUAN

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